A Word on Homosexuality (and its attackers)

Let’s get one thing straight: homosexuality is not a choice. Perhaps participation in sexual activities with the same sex is, but one can hardly blame someone for merely expressing his innate desires.Being gay, whether learned or not, is a condition that one can not and should not be expected to change.

And let’s get another thing straight: homosexuals are a minority. A very small minority. About 3.5%  of the American population are gay, lesbian, or bisexual, according to a study done by the UCLA school of law in 2011.

I would invite anyone to prove me wrong, but I find it particularly absurd and appallingly audacious for anyone to assert that a minority composing of 3.5% of the population poses a legitimate threat of discrimination upon the other 96.5%.

Yet a Facebook page that recently received attention through the Huffington Post has drawn over 4000 “likes” and disguises extreme homophobia with “heterosexual awareness.”

The page, titled Heterosexual Awareness Month, posts outrageously degrading sayings and pictures aimed at asserting heterosexual superiority over homosexuals while claiming that straight people are undergoing legitimate discrimination from the gay community. Unsurprisingly, their logic is unsound and their arguments are strikingly narrow-minded. But the support they’ve gained in the Facebook community is enough to raise an eyebrow.

Given that the page’s author has stated his paranoia of others using the information against him (no surprise), I will leave it to you to visit the page and see first hand the rather stunning viewpoints represented there: http://www.facebook.com/HeteroAwarenessMonth/info

When you do, you will find claims of heterosexual discrimination that are so boldly distorted it’s laughable. The main point they seem to want to convey is that homosexuality is unnatural, an active choice, and that it is ruining western society by poisoning traditional relationships. Unnatural? Interesting, because species all around the globe exhibit homosexual tendencies. A choice? Well, I certainly don’t know anyone who would actively choose to undergo a hellish childhood full of bullying and isolation. If you do, let me know. And ruining relationships? Last I checked, no straight couple has complained of their love being infringed upon by rebel-rousing homosexuals.

So what’s wrong with leaving them alone? A person’s sexual orientation suggests nothing about his ability to do a job or be a functioning member of society. To impede upon someone else’s right to happiness merely upon the notion that one’s natural conditions are “wrong” is pitifully childish and disconcertingly immature. Voices such as those displayed by Heterosexual Awareness Month serve only as fuel to the fire of hatred and bigotry that surely doesn’t need any more reason to burn. And most important of all, what about the troubled homosexual teens who feel abnormal and excluded to the extent that suicide becomes the most attractive option? It is well known that gay teens have difficulty fitting in with their straight peers, particularly within the environment of public schooling in which fitting in is more important than breathing. When a homosexual is forced to acknowledge these types of opinions, he is that much more prone to self-destructive behavior.

Although voices like those at Heterosexual Awareness Month don’t stand a chance at becoming mainstream, it is no less infuriating to encounter such people who truly intend to disparage a minority group based on uncontrollable conditions. That is why it is important that we take the time to object to such voices as strongly as we can. No one deserves to live in fear and isolation because he is gay. And no one in their right mind could assert that heterosexuals are facing persecution. But as Heterosexual Awareness Month reminds us, not everyone is in their right mind.



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