Freedom of The Mind: Meditation


Freedom is more than the absence of coercion or constraint in choice or action. It is so much more than just politics.

 Freedom on the outside can not be fully achieved unless there is first freedom of the mind

Built-up anger and sadness, repressed thoughts and restrained tension all lead to entrapment of ones own self.

You can be a victim of your own mind without even knowing so – if you are feeling this type of tension in any way there are ways to help!

Meditation has been known for centuries as the #1 practice of training of the mind and inducing a mode of consciousness to build internal energy and relaxation.

It is the ultimate way to create an inner peace within your mind, body and soul.

Meditation for beginners ——–> Quieting The Mind


It has been known that meditation before sleepeach night releases the toxins of the…

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